Safe and Vault  Repairs, Installations and Maintenance

Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security, offers sales and installation of safes for your home or business. We service clients across all of New Jersey, New York City and Eastern PA.  Bill’s shop is conveniently located in Linden NJ 07036 to serve surrounding areas with high quality security services.
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Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security, offers sales and installation of safes for your home or business. We service clients across all of New Jersey, New York City and Eastern PA. 

Products serviced include high security safes, fire proof safes, data safes, gun safes, depository safes and more.  All safes can be professionally installed and bolted down for reliable protection of your important items / documents.  Whether you need to have a safe relocated or opened with a missing combination / code, call our office for professional safe opening services.  We know how to open virtually all types of safes and vaults.  Our safe opening / safe cracking services are efficient, reliable and affordable.

Do not trust your safe opening to just any locksmith.  A properly trained and equipped safe technician can successfully open and repair your safe, leaving little or no trace of forced entry.  Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security will first attempt to open your safe thru highly trained diagnostic dialing or safe manipulation.  Many times we are able to open your safe without the need to drill the safe body.

A common locksmith might destroy your safe and still not successfully open it.  Having been in the security industry since 1982, company owner Bill Kushnick, has many times seen the damage that a common locksmith can do to a high end safe or vault.  Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security has knowledge and tools to open and repair your safe using emergency opening techniques authorized by the safe manufacture.

jewel safe installation
Being locked out of your malfunctioning safe because of damage or a misplaced safe combination can be a stressful situation.  Your most prized personal items or vital business documents could be locked away where you can’t get at them when you really need to.  Whether you have forgotten your combination or your safe has malfunctioned, Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security is well equipped to professionally open and repair your safe.

There are different types of safes intended for very different jobs and each provides a unique level of protection.

Fire Safes are built for the sole purpose of protecting the contents from heat, smoke and water damage during a fire. They are not intended to withstand intense physical attacks. 

Security Safes / Burglary Safes are rated against physical attacks, but provide little if any protection from heat, fire and water damage. They are intended for the storage of cash and other valuables.

Composite Safes are highly recommended, they provide protection against both fire and burglary.

Safe Servicing / Safe Maintenance
Servicing or regular maintenance is something that is often overlooked by the end owner / user. Servicing usually includes the following:

  • Completely disassemble the combination lock.
  • Clean, adjust, and examine all parts.
  • Lubricate only the parts that require lubrication
  • Check any relockers. Adjust if necessary
  • Check bolt work for free movement.

Vault and Safe Repairs
If you begin to have trouble opening your safe, you should have it checked out immediately.  Waiting until it won’t open before you call in a professional can be a costly mistake.  Once you are faced with a lock out it can be time consuming and costly to open, fix and repair.  Plus… not only do you have to repair the original problem, now you may also need to repair the drilled opening, if that’s what it takes to gain entry.

Safe and Vault Combination Changes
Some safes have mechanical combination locks that are user changeable.  Others safes and vaults are definitely best left to a trained safe technician.  While the actual procedures may differ from one manufacturer to another, the basic process is similar for all.

under counter safe installation finger print reader safe installation
Bill’s clients include banks, savings and loans, credit unions, national ATM service companies, locksmith companies, national bank equipment service companies, schools, government agencies, military installations and safe manufacturers.  They have all come to depend on our specialized abilities, professionalism and quick service to keep their security equipment operating properly.  So, if you are looking for an honest, dependable and qualified company to service your safe and vault needs, you need not look any further than Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security.

24/7 Emergency Services for Safes & Vaults
Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security is a fully licensed, bonded and insured Locksmith, Safe and Vault services company specializing in residential, commercial and institutional locksmith work as well as expert safe and vault services. An emergency safe opening doesn’t require damaging the safe. Professional safe manipulation or precise drilling can leave your safe functional and secure.

Choosing the appropriate High-Security System can be a daunting task.  Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security is equipped to help individuals and large commercial institutions. We take pride in being on call 24/7 to handle all of the lock and safe needs of our clients.

Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security services clients in New York City, Newark NJ, Jersey City NJ, Elizabeth NJ, Morristown NJ, Bridgewater NJ, New York NY, and all of the surrounding areas.  From the simple jobs like helping people rekey and secure their homes, to the more complex projects of vault installation and maintenance.

We believe that our success in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania is the result of our dedication to our customers, our knowledge of the industry, and our commitment to providing the best service possible. 

Bill Kushnick, Company Owner