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Clark Residential Locksmith Services

Professional locksmith services are just a phone call away for residents of Clark New Jersey and surrounding towns. Bill’s Lock, Safe and Security provides expert home security installations of hardware and electronic security systems. If your house, condo or apartment security needs upgrading or repairing, Bill’s Lock, Safe and Security should be your first call. Bill personally works on each job and oversees all installations, rekeying and repairs. Deadbolts, handlesets and door knobs require precise installation to effectively lock and protect as intended. The quality of the installation is just as important as the hardware itself in keeping your home safe.

     *     Lock Repairs

     *     Lock Installation

     *     Door Knob Replacements

     *     Door Lock Rekeying

     *     Door and Frame Repairs

     *     Self Closing Door Hardware

     *     Fire Door Hardware

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Commercial Locksmith Clark New Jersey

Industrial locksmith services, institutional locksmith services, office locksmith services for Clark, Union County and North Jersey. Retail businesses, Institutions and industrial facilities all have special lock and security requirements that are unique and extremely important to successful operations. The ability to eliminate unauthorized access is the key to crime prevention and needless loss of inventory and man hours. Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security is uniquely qualified to fabricate and install custom security systems and specialized security hardware to meet the needs of enterprises in New Jersey, NYC and Connecticut.

commercial security clark nj *  Access Control Systems

*  Panic Bars for Emergency Exit

*  Keying Systems

*  Door Repair and Installation

*  Fire Doors

Clark NJ Safe Sales and Safe Installations
  • Fire Safes
  • Burglary Safes
  • Depository Safes
  • Wall Safes
  • Floor Safes
  • Media Safes
  • Gun Safes
clark nj safe sales
Safe Repairs, Safe Openings, Safe Moving, Combination Changes and Digital Conversions for residential and commercial safes.

Call Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security for consulting and installation of security hardware and components, 908-474-0049.


     * Certified Master Locksmith

     * Certified Professional Safe Technician

     * Certified Forensic Locksmith

     * GSA Vault & Container Inspector

     * X-07/X-08/X-09/X-10 Certified

     * S&G2740 / S&G2937 / LKM-7000

     * GSA Certified Safe & Vault Technician

     * IA Certified Fire Door Inspector

Some of Locking Systems and Hardware Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security sells, installs and services.

Arrow Lock & Door Hardware
Knobsets MK11TA, MK11BD / Deadbolts E61,E62, D61, D62 / Leversets ML11SR / Mortise Locksets, Panic & Fire Exit Devices

Knobsets A53PD, D53PD, ND53PD, AL53PD, L Series Mortise Locksets, Mag Locks and Controllers

Knobsets, Leversets

Mortise Locksets, Handlesets, Hinges, Deadbolts, Knobsets

High Security Cylinders in Commercial, Freedom, Keyways and X-4 Interchangeable Cores

Electric Strike 5000 Series, 1006 Series, 7000 Series, 9600 Series

Knobsets CK4200, Mortise Locksets ML2000, Exit Devises ED8200, ED5000

Knobsets, Leversets, Interchangeable Core Cylinders, Mortise Locksets

Knobsets 6 Line, 7 line, 8 Line, Leversets 6500 Series, T-Zone, 10 Line, Panic and Fire Exit Devices 80 Series, 88 Series, Interchangeable Core Cylinders

Knobsets 5400 Series, 5300 Series, Leversets LN 5400, LN 5300, Door Closers, Panic and Fire Exit Devices

Door Closers 1601BC, 1602BC, 1603BC, 1604BC, 8300BC, 8500BC, 7700BC

Von Duprin
Panic Bars and Fire Exit Devices 98Series, 97 Series, 33 Series, 88 Series, 22Series, Electric Stricks 5100

Panic Bars and Fire Exit Devices 17 Series, 19 Series, XX Series

Flush Bolts, Wall Bumpers, Floor Stops, Push and Pull Plates

Floor Closers, Floor Checks 25/28/40

Adams Rite
Electric Strikes 7100, 7140, 7130, 7131, 7400 Series, Panic Bars and Exit Devices 8600 Series, 8800 Series, Latch Locks 4500, 4900, Hook Bolt Locks, Bolt

Locks 1850

Folger Adam
Electric Strike 310-2, 310-4, Key Switches

Maglocks 390 Plus, 490 Plus, Exit Buttons, Key Switches

Security Door Controls
Mag Locks, Electronic Bolt Locks

Safe & Vault Products & Suppliers
X-08, X-09, CD-X08, CD-X09

X-07, CD-X07

Safes, Safe Deposit Box Locks, Vaults, Teller Stations and Locks


Mechanical and Electronic Safe Locks & Vaults Locks

Sargent & Greenleaf
Mechanical and Electronic Safe Locks & Vaults Locks

Inkas Safe
Burglary Rated and Fire Rated Safes

AMSEC (American Security Products)
Burglary Rated and Fire Rated Safes, In Floor Safes, Mini Brute, Super Brute C-3, C-5, C-7, High Security Safes, Amvault TL-15, TL-30, BF Series Safes

High Security Safes, Burglary and Fire Rated Safes


Burglary Rated Safes, Fire Rated Safes, In Floor Safes