Edison Securitron GL-1 Gate Lock

Securitron GL-1 Edison

Security Gate Lock Installation in Edison NJ

At a bonded warehouse in Edison, New Jersey, near the Raritan Exposition Center, Bill's Lock, Safe & Security was asked to install a Securiton GL-1 gate lock that the access control installers had purchased.  The fence installer and access control people were spinning their wheels trying to figure out how to best do this.

Watch the installation.

We measured and fabricated the gate lock support which not only attaches the lock to the wall and fence post, but it also stabilizes the fence post.  The strike is mounted to other custom fabricated steel plates on the gate itself and is shimmed for perfect latching.

The warehouse manager was also dissatisfied that there was such a big gap between the fence post and the wall where someone might be able to stick something through the gap and depress the exit button to gain access.  We fabricated two heavy steel plates to seal the gap.

All of the fabricated steel parts were painted with hammer finish paint for wear resistance and attractiveness.

Finally, Bill's Lock, Safe & Security installed post extensions on the gate and cross bar mounts so that we could then install a Norton 1604BC door closer to shut the gate.  The gate actually closes better then some of the doors in the building.