Locks, Safes, Hardware & Security Engineering Linden NJ

Door Hardware Products & Suppliers

Arrow Lock & Door Hardware
Knobsets MK11TA, MK11BD / Deadbolts E61,E62, D61, D62 / Leversets ML11SR / Mortise Locksets, Panic & Fire Exit Devices, Arrow Master Lock New Jersey

Schlage Locks and Controllers
Leverset ND53AB, ALX53PD, Deadbolt B56P, Knobsets A53PD, D53PD, ND53PD, AL53PD, L Series Mortise Locksets, Mag Locks and Controllers, Schlage Commercial New Jersey, Schlage Rekey, Schlage Lock Repairs

Knobsets, Leversets, Marks Lock Cylinder NJ, Marks Mortise Locks

Baldwin Locks 
Mortise Locksets, Handlesets, Hinges, Baldwin Deadbolt Locks, Knobsets, Baldwin Locks Replacement Parts, Baldwin Lock Repairs

Medeco Locks and Cylinders
Patriot & Freedom Keyways, High Security Cylinders in Commercial, Freedom, Keyways and X-4 Interchangeable Cores, Medeco Deadbolts New Jersey, Medeco Repairs

H.E.S. Stricks and Hardware
Electric Strike 5000 Series, 1006 Series, 7000 Series, 9600 Series, 9400 Series, HES Electric Stricks, H.E.S Repairs

Corbin Locks and Door Hardware
Knobsets CK4200, Mortise Locksets ML2000, Exit Devises ED8200, ED5000, Corbin Lock repair

Russin Hardware
Knobsets, Leversets, Interchangeable Core Cylinders, Mortise Locksets, Russin Hardware Repairs and Replacement NJ

Sargent Door Hardware and Lock sets
Knobsets 6 Line, 7 line, 8 Line, Leversets 6500 Series, T-Zone, 10 Line, Panic and Fire Exit Devices 80 Series, 88 Series, Interchangeable Core Cylinders, Sargent Hardware Repairs

YALE Lock & Hardware
Knobsets 5400 Series, 5300 Series, Leversets LN 5400, LN 5300, Door Closers, Panic and Fire Exit Devices, YALE Pin Tumbler, YALE Hardware Repairs and Replacement Linden NJ

Norton Door Hardware
Norton Door Closers 1601BC, 1602BC, 1603BC, 1604BC, 8300BC, 8500BC, 7700BC, Norton Door Controls

Von Duprin Exit Hardware
Panic Bars and Fire Exit Devices 99 Series, 98Series, 97 Series, 33 Series, 88 Series, 22Series, Electric Stricks 5100, Von Duprin Parts, Von Duprin Repairs

Falcon Hardware / Monarch Hardware
Panic Bars and Fire Exit Devices 17 Series, 19 Series, XX Series, Monarch Door Hardware Repairs, Monarch Replacement Parts

Ives Door Hardware
Flush Bolts, Wall Bumpers, Floor Stops, Push and Pull Plates, Ives Door Pulls, Ives Pocket Door Hardware

Rixson Door Closers
Floor Closers, Floor Checks 25/28/40, Rixson Model 28, Rixson m19
Electronic Security Products & Suppliers

Adams Rite Door Hardware
Electric Strikes 7100, 7140, 7130, 7131, 7400 Series, Panic Bars and Exit Devices 8600 Series, 8800 Series, Latch Locks 4500, 4900, Hook Bolt Locks, Bolt Locks 1850, Adams-Rite Lock Hardware, Adams Rite 1850

Folger Adam Detention Locks
Electric Strike 310-2, 310-4, Key Switches, Folger Adams detention Hardware, Folger Adams Detention Hardware

Locknetics Maglocks
Maglocks 390 Plus, 490 Plus, Exit Buttons, Key Switches, Locknetics m450, Locknetics Installation, Locknetics Mag Locks 320

Security Door Controls
Mag Locks, Electronic Bolt Locks, Command Access Systems New Jersey, Security Door Controls 1571

Safe & Vault Products & Suppliers

X-08, X-09, X-10, CD-X08, CD-X09, CD-X10, Kaba-Mas Locks, Kaba-Mas Product Installations New Jersey

X-07, CD-X07, Mas-Hamilton Locks, Mas-Hamilton Installations

Mosler Safes
Safes, Safe Deposit Box Locks, Vaults, Teller Stations and Locks, Mosler Security Safes, Mosler Safe Openings New Jersey

Diebold Safes
Lock and Key Management, Safes, Vaults, Deposit Boxes, Diebold Safe Locks, Diebold Safe Openings New Jersey

Mechanical and Electronic Safe Locks & Vaults Locks, LaGard Redundant Locks, LaGard Repairs

Sargent & Greenleaf
Mechanical and Electronic Safe Locks & Vaults Locks, Sargent & Greenleaf Gun Safe, Sargent & Greenleaf Electronic Safe Locks, 6620, 6720, 6741, Bluetooth Locks, USB Locks, Fingerprint Locks

Megasafe high security safes TL-15, TL-30

Inkas Safe
Burglary Rated and Fire Rated Safes, Inkas Burglary Safe New Jersey

AMSEC (American Security Products)
Burglary Rated and Fire Rated Safes, In Floor Safes, Mini Brute, Super Brute C-3, C-5, C-7, High Security Safes, Amvault TL-15, TL-30, BF Series Safes, AMSEC Gun Safes New Jersey, AMSEC Commercial Safes, Residential Safes

High Security Safes, Burglary and Fire Rated Safes, U.L. TL 30, TL 30×6, TRTL 30×6, TRTL 60×6

Access Control Doors, Fire Safes, Mutual Drop Safes, Mutual Safe Openings New Jersey


Burglary Rated Safes, Fire Rated Safes, In Floor Safes