Mortise Lock Installation Edison NJ

This first mortise lock installation is on a pair of solid carved doors on a new house for a client of Bills Lock, Safe & Security. This beautiful new home is located in Edison New Jersey.  

I had to be creative with the location of the lock within the carved door panel. Fortunately there are circular areas within the door design that made for a minimally intrusive installation for the lock and handle. The oil rubbed bronze Baldwin mortise locket was selected in part because the design is similar to the carved door panel. 

By selecting an appropriate lock design and then making a difficult custom installation, the beauty of the carved panel door is not diminished in any way by the functional mortise lock and handle.

Baldwin lock installation Edison NJ
Home Remodeling Project
The next lock installation was on my own kitchen door during a recent home remodeling project. I’ve seen this Baldwin knob design in the catalog for years and despite installing hundreds of mortise locksets, no client had ever selected this style, I love it.

In addition to installing the mortise lock, I finished the door interior to match the cabinets and painted the outside to match the house.

You don’t want to know how many hours I have in the finishing of this door!

Custom Mortise Lock Installation
Mortise Lock is a lock that requires a mortise or hole cut into which the lock is fitted. 

Mortise locks do have advantages over more common cylindrical locks. Mortise locks are often sturdier locks that offer more protection from an unauthorized entry attempt. Also many people consider Mortise locks to be more attractive in appearance. Any door requiring the mortise cut be made before lock installation should be left to a trained locksmith or security professional.

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William B. Kushnick (Bill) is a licensed and bonded locksmith in the State of New Jersey.  Bill is a Certified Master Locksmith, a Certified Professional Safe Technician and a Certified Forensic Locksmith.  He is also a GSA Vault & Container Inspector.  He is a certified installer and technician for Mas-Hamilton X-07, Kaba-Mas X-08, X-09, and LKM-7000, LKM-10K Sargent & Greenleaf 2740 and 2937. Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security is bonded and fully insured.

Union Medical Park, Union NJ
At Union Medical Park in Union, New Jersey, Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security was called upon to install hardware on a glass and aluminum door to allow timed unlocking and locking of the door.
Union Medical Park 001 Union Medical Park Deadbolt Lock
The pictures above show the original Adams Rite MS1850S dead bolt lock and cutout in the jamb for the strike. Bill installed a new Adams Rite 4500 Series latch with an Adams Rite 4590 paddle operator and an Adams Rite 7130 electric strike, all in a dark bronze finish.
Adams Rite 4500 series latch lock Adams Rite 4590 paddle operator
Bill then wired in a Securitron DT- seven day programmable timer and set the schedule.
Certified Master Locksmith – Certified Professional Safe Technician
Certified Forensic Locksmith – GSA Vault & Container Inspector
X-07/X-08/X-09 Certified  – S&G2740 / S&G2937 / LKM-7000 & LKM-10K
GSA Certified Safe & Vault Technician / IA Certified Fire Door Inspector
Diebold Safe Opening Massachusetts
Bill's Lock, Safe & Security got a call from a gentleman in the Natick, MA area. He is the fourth generation owner of an antique Diebold safe in absolutely pristine condition.  He wanted the safe opened without drilling it. Everyone he called in the area wanted to drill the safe, so he took to the Internet and found Bill's Lock, Safe & Security website through a search. Video Version of this Featured Job Post

Bill and the client talked at great length about the job and agreed on a date to do the work. Bill traveled to Massachusetts and within a couple of hours of being on the job site, had the safe open by manipulation.

Among other things inside the safe was the original paperwork between the Diebold and the man's great grandfather. The safe had been delivered in February of 1924. Also inside was the original combination on the original paper from Diebold, the exact numbers Bill had used to dial open the safe.

All of the inner compartments had the original antique flat steel keys, except the drawer that was labeled as the grandfathers. Bill took the lock back to the Linden, New Jersey shop, found as close to original antique key as possible and made a new key for the lock.  Bill then sent the lock back to his new friend in Massachusetts.

Diebold Safe Opening Diebold Safe Manipulation successful safe opening


Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security was called with a request by a client to open three safes that were in a warehouse in Secaucus New Jersey.  The warehouse was being cleared out and the combinations to the safes were unavailable. 
Old Mosler Safe manipulated open by Bill Kushnick, owner Bill's Lock, Safe & Security Mosler safe contents are now available, opened by Bill Kushnick
The three safes were an old Mosler, a Diebold and an ISM High Security safe with a smaller safe inside.  In a day and a half, Bill Kushnick was able to open all four locks and restored all of the safes to good working order.
ISM high security safe opened by manipulation, Bill Kushnick Secaucus NJ, Diebold safe emergency opening by Bill's Lock, Safe & Security without the combination
Diebold safe within a safe, successfully manipulated open by Bill Kushnick
Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security is a full service Security Engineering Company.  Company Owner, Bill Kushnick has been helping clients with their security needs since 1982.  

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Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security is a full service Security Engineering Company.  Company Owner, Bill Kushnick has been helping clients with their security needs since 1982. Bill services all of NJ, NYC, CT, MA and Eastern PA. 
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AMSEC fire safe repair Summit, NJ 07902.
This is a fabrication of which I am particularly proud. Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security was called in to upgrade an AMSEC fire safe that was mounted in a wall in a house in Summit, NJ 07902.


The safe had a simple straight tailpiece combination lock and a key lock.  The key is actually the handle as it retracts the bolt work and gives the user something with which to pull open the door.

In this case, the combination lock had given the owner trouble in the past and someone had removed the wheels from the lock.  Only the small key was securing the safe.

We removed the door and took it to the shop for fabrication.  First, we did not want to rely on something as small as the key for the handle.  I did a full machinists drawing of the plug of the key lock and had a new “handle arbor” made from stainless steel at a machine shop.

AMSEC Fire Safe


LaGard ComboGard Electronic Lock

While they were making that custom piece of me, I fabricated a lock mounting plated from steel and welded it to the inside of the door.  To it, I supplied and installed a LaGard 33E ComboGard electronic safe combination lock.  I then cut and attached a blocking bar to the bolt carrier bar so that it would engage the bolt of the new electronic safe combination lock.


After I got the piece from the machinist, I installed it in the shell of the original key lock, attached the bolt carrier bar, indexed the assembly and finally, welded a stainless steel flat bar onto the arbor to create a handle.

We reinstalled the safe door and tested everything, it works great!

Handle arbor with keylock shell


LaGard 33E ComboGard electronic safe combination lock

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Fire Safe Summit, NJ 07902

Meilink Safe Opening Pequannock, NJ
This is a Meilink safe that we opened by drilling up in Pequannock, NJ 07440. The existing combination would not work and the woman who owned it said that she felt a little snap when she last locked the safe.

With a well placed, single ¼ hole, we quickly opened the unit and discovered the problem.  The number two wheel in the combination lock came out in three pieces even though it was made of plastic.

 Meilink Safe Opening
LaGard 3650 swingbolt electronic combination lock
We took the safe door to the shop, welded shut the hole through the door and fabricated to install a LaGard 3650 swingbolt electronic combination lock.  Now the owner does not have to dial the safe lock open, she just pushes buttons and turns the handle.

Broken wheel caused the problem

New LaGard 3650 electronic  lock from inside

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 Trenton NJ 08608 – Masterkey Set Up & Access Door Repairs
Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security does a lot of work for PSE&G. When PSE&G moved their billing center across the street in Trenton, Bill moved the safes and the teller cash stations into the former bank building which had been renovated for the new office space.

Masterkeying the new office space was the first part of the job. The next phase involved re-hanging a pair of bronze and glass entry doors in the lobby that were in a horrible state of disrepair.  The doors were bent, the pivots were worn and the Rixson floor checks were slamming in order to close the doors, since there was no longer a gap between them.

 Old Worn Out Door Pivot
 Picture above shows worn out door pivot that was replaced on the job
Two Roton 780-210HD heavy duty full surface hinges
Bill and his crew removed the doors, cut off the top pivots and the Rixson pivots and installed two Roton 780-210HD heavy duty full surface hinges.  They then reinstalled the doors and added two LCN 4041 door closers on LCN 4040-18 drop plates.  The Roton hinges in the photograph are in clear aluminum finish.  They were later painted to match the bronze finish of the doors.

The finished bronze door repair resulted in a perfect 3/32 gap between the two doors. Both doors operate as intended and the job was completed in a single day.

Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security provides professional security contractor / locksmith services to commercial, industrial, institutional and residential across New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and the New York City Area.

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Restaurant Depot and Jetro Security Upgrade Bronx, NY
Bill’s Lock Safe & Security has secured other Restaurant Depot sites and installed grand masterkey systems, so when they opened their new double facility in the Hunt’s Point section of the Bronx, New York, they asked Bill to set up another grand masterkey system.

The original contractor had used Sargent hardware that would need Sargent series 6300 removable core cylinders.  Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security designed the masterkey system, combinated 153 removable cores, supplied the Sargent padlocks to accept the removable cores and installed the cores in all the door hardware, padlocks and exit alarms at the Jetro/Restaurant Depot shown in the photograph below.

Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security provides professional security contractor / locksmith services to commercial, industrial, institutional and residential clients in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens.
The building was so large, that it would not complexly fit in the frame of the picture from where an unobstructed picture could be taken.

Jetro is the USA’s leading wholesale cash and carry, serving grocery retailers and foodservice operators. Restaurant Depot is a Cash and Carry Foodservice Wholesaler and commercial grade equipment supplier.

Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security moved an access control system and automatic operator for Paragon Computer Professionals in Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
Paragon, who maintains offices in Cranford, New Jersey 07016 – Manhattan, NY 1001 and now Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 has an access control system installed by Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security in all these locations.
The Pennsylvania office was being moved from West Conshohocken, PA to Plymouth Meeting, PA.  We prewired for the system during construction and returned two weeks later to move the components.

In one long weekend, we removed the Geoffrey Industries (now Schlage Electronics) RCNX-2 reader controller with the two SRINX reader interfaces, two Mercury MR-10 mag-stripe readers (which was privately labeled by Geoffrey), power supply, Hunter HA-8 automatic operator and two 4.5” square handicap buttons.  We took these from the West Conshohocken office, drove to Plymouth Meeting and installed them there.

Access control system expert.

Children’s Library
Plainfield Public Library
800 Park Avenue
Plainfield, NJ 07060
Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security fabricated and installed a visually attractive and secure entrance door.  There were two 8’-9” x 35” wide panes of glass with an aluminum tube between them in an entire glass wall.

The glass company removed the glass and cut away the aluminum tube.  Bill’s Lock, Safe & Security then supplied and installed a National Guard Products threshold.  We cleaned up the cut tube and installed 2 Roton 780-224 HD full mortise continuous geared hinges in clear aluminum finish.  We then installed the doors which we had made at Alberti Woodworking of Union NJ 07083

 Next we supplied and installed an aluminum 4” x 1 ¾” tube header. Above the header we supplied and installed ¼” thick aluminum which we held in place with miter-cut pieces of 1 ¾” x 1 ¾” x 1/8” clear anodized aluminum angle.

Finally, after installing the Corbin mortise bolt lock, handles and push plates, we finished by installing two LCN 1461 door closers with hold open arms.


Secure entrance door installation Plainfield NJ